Friday, June 19, 2009

Missionary Report!

We are really focused on missionaries right now, and it is so fun. Here goes:
  • Jeremy (my sister, Jennifer's son) received his call to Ghana Africa. WOW! He enters the MTC in October. We are so excited for him. Congratulations!

  • Michael did not have to ride the shuttle from the SL airport to Provo. Stanley's gave him a ride and helped fill his last couple hours before entering the MTC world with some really great memories. Thank you! to the Stanley's for being there for him, and for us. You can check out some photos of Elder Michael Hebdon on her blog. Look on our blog list at the right and you'll find the link.
  • I got a call from Melanie. She was checking up on me, making sure I was okay, knowing herself, how it feels. It will be fun to visit back and forth for the next two years and share missionary experiences about our sons. We are anxiously awaiting the news that Elder Jacob and Elder Michael got to see each other, but we're not sure if it has happened yet. There are 4 boys from Royal there now. We are so excited for them all.

  • Elder Michael got to have lunch with Elders Dexter and Austin. It sounds like Michael is having several exciting experiences. Surely some we are not aware of, because we have not yet heard from him. Dexter wrote to his family and shared with them, and Maria left a comment on our blog. She also called Chris and Chris called to share the news with us. What a support system we moms will have here in Royal with our sons out at the same time. And what a joy it must be for those boys to be able to see not only a familiar face, but a friend, whom they love.

  • Elder Skyler Hebdon is doing well. His last email was filled with testimony and excitement for the work he is doing and the Spirit that is there. On the lighter side - his companion tells him that he was in the movie High School Musical 3, and says to watch for him towards the end, in the graduation scene, wearing a bright red tie, behind one of the main characters parents. We haven't seen it yet.

What a wonderful time this is! We haven't even heard from Michael since he got on the plane, but we know of some awesome experiences he has already had. We keep in touch with Skyler weekly and almost get real time news because we have the internet to get the message to us that very day. We don't have to wait a week or two to receive mail. A wonderful invention for sure, so long as we avoid the evil that exists in the same type of format and so readily available to us.

I thought it might be good to end with a "Capsule Sermon" or "Food for thought" or "Words to live by" -

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with what happens to you.

Have a great day!

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