Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dad

Many men enjoy going out with the guys, hunting, fishing, watching the games, or whatever it be that the guys do when they get together. But this was not something I knew my father to do. He did have hobbies and activities that he liked to do, but they most always included my mothers company rather than a bunch of men.

My dad had many friends, but his best friend was and is my mother. They enjoy being together. Mom would ride with my dad in the farm equipment, they would enjoy a day snowmobiling in the mountains, spend hours antique shopping, working in the yard together, baking bread together, Christmas shopping, etc.

A couple years ago my mom and dad celebrated 50 years together and they still like being together. That is not very common now days, but I know it is because they have always tried to make each other happy. It is the selfless acts, instead of the selfish acts that bind two hearts together.

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