Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Look what we got in the mail today ...
It was addressed to Terry and Elaine Hebdon, so I opened the box and this was inside.
I spent the first couple days of the week taking down my Christmas decor and finally got that completed and the family room cleaned ..., and I was getting ready to put back my regular/daily decor. 
Well, when we got this in the mail I decided that since the Christmas stuff was taken care of and the room was clean, I could hold off on putting up the other stuff and put the puzzle together.   I couldn't help myself. :)
So glad I did!   It's Awesome!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Look closely at the shapes of those pieces ..., they are not traditional shapes, which makes this puzzle a bit more puzzling than most 500 piece puzzles.
Another interesting note - I usually work a puzzle from the outside in - the edges first, then fill it in.  I started this puzzle with that intention, and I got the bottom done and other edges set out and in groups of color. However, I was so intrigued with the city at the right that I put all of that together before I did any more edges. I then continued putting the pieces of the rocks and Christ together, moving right on up with the trees/shrubs, and finally over to the right with the sky. 
This was a puzzle like no other!  Love it!
I'll be back to arranging and more cleaning tomorrow, but what a nice little break I had today!  Perfect Timing!   :)  

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