Sunday, September 6, 2015

Open House

Thanks to all of our special help and wonderful guests, the open house for Chase and Rebekah went well.

Every minute was enjoyed and shared with wonderful people. 

We welcome a new sister!   A new daughter!  

A new aunt!  New friends!

We got the room set up and ready for the event after watching Rebekah's sisters soccer game on BYU-TV, Friday night.  

So prep the next day consisted of making the filling for the pies and setting everything else up and adding the finishing touches.

Guests are what make the event so special.  We love you!  You are awesome!  Thanks for sharing our special occasion.

Chase and Rebekah were very sneaky when they arrived Thursday evening.  We loved having them here for a couple days and we were happy to have Rebekah's parents with us as well.   We toured the farm after taking lunch to Chase, who was helping drive silage truck for us Friday, and along our tour we picked a dozen ears of corn for lunch.  We had a great weekend!

Again, Thank You!  to all of our wonderful friends and family that came to help and support us.

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