Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Pondering

Anthony just got home from school and is doing his homework. I gave him a few oreos for a snack (not common at our house) and brought a couple with me to my computer. Now, normally if I do something like that I really feel lousy and realize how it makes my weight worse, not better and I hate myself for doing it, but today I am counting my blessings. Here's why:
1. Anthony is home with me (he is not taking a sport right now)
2. I hear a great song from my blog playing in the back ground (it's a feel good song)
3. I check my email to see that I have a few from family and friends congratulating us on our newest family member (we have a great family and awesome friends)
4. There are comments on my blog doing the same (I love comments)
5. There is an update from Thomas and Dana, on their blog, including a photo of our grandson
6. We have a new, beautiful grandson
7. We have two other beautiful grandchildren
8. They are the most beautiful grandchildren around :) (no offense to any other grandchildren around)
9. Our married sons have wives whom they love and who love them
10. I did find the best spouse :) (again, no offense to those other spouses that are not mine :) (that sounds funny huh!)
11. Skyler is coming home next week - Wednesday - happy day!
12. Michael is doing well, and what the Lord would have him do
13. I love all of my children - I have the best children (um! no, I really am not trying to offend anyone, contrary to what it may seem)
14. I live in a comfortable home - I love it!
15. I could keep going on, but it would take up too much time and space here, but there are many reasons I feel joy right now, and they would include the love I feel for and from our Heavenly Father and our Savior, who grants these and all blessings to us.


Kings said...

wow next week!!! let us know when he will have his homecoming talk and we'll try to make it. and to come and meet the new grandbaby!

Melissa said...

that's a great list!! And CONGRATS on the new baby. I hope all goes well.