Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On his way home! Happy Day!

Elder Skyler D Hebdon leaves Argentina today. He flies from Buenos Aires tonight and arrives in Dallas TX early tomorrow morning. From Dallas to SLC, and from SLC to Pasco. He has never been fond of traveling, so this travel plan must be a bit concerning to him. In his last email today, he asked for us to pray for him so that he won't get sick on the airplanes. Well, I immediately did and will continue to do so.
It touched my heart, especially because of what Anthony said this morning before he left for school, which was before we got Skyler's email. Anthony said he was wondering if he should fast until Skyler came home, to help Skyler to be safe on his flights home. I was thankful for his kindness and concern for his brother, but suggested that he not need to fast, but only to pray for him. I'm now thinking that Skyler might like me to change my mind.
Our rendezvous will be at about 3:53 Wednesday afternoon at the Pasco airport, and we invite anyone who wishes and can, to be there to welcome him home.
He will probably speak in Sac. Mtg. on October 11 (we will update on that later when we are sure), and we invite all to be there as well, and then to join us for dinner at our house after church.


Anita said...

How exciting for your family!

I enjoyed your pondering post. There is truly much to be thankful for in this life.

Becky Noftle said...

Bless his heart, that is a long stretch of flying. Right now jackson's pain pills kicked in and he is asleep on the bed covered up with the blanket you made him--it is the one he took to the hospital today too, it got lots of great comments on how soft and cute it was, THANK YOU. I will be smiling for you at 3:53 ish tomorrow!!

Adena and Greg said...

Welcome home Skyler!!!