Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Will Miss Her!

Today was a bitter-sweet day ...

Our beloved mother, Idris Egbert Hebdon, left this mortal world and joined other loved ones above.
We are grateful that she was able to stay in her home as she wished, right up to her last day. We are grateful for her caregivers and for all who loved and blessed her life. We are grateful that her pain and suffering is over, and that peace and happiness are hers to enjoy.

A viewing will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Royal Camp, on Friday from 5pm to 7pm.
A second viewing will be held on Saturday at 10:00am, with the funeral at 11:00am, also at the church.

We bid Adieu to a wonderful lady. We are grateful for the plan of salvation, a plan of happiness, provided for us all, and we hope to be worthy to meet up with our loved ones again. We will miss her. We will love her forever and always!


I want to share this poem from Idris' collection.

A little road was straying,
Across a little hill.
I asked, "May I go with you, Road?"
It answered, "If you will."

T'was travel stained and shabby
And dust was on its face,
Said I, "How fine to wander free
To every lovely place!

Oh if you're off to mountains,
Or if you're off to sea,
Or if you're bound across the world,
It's all the same to me."

We loitered in the sunlight
We journeyed on together
The sky was like a bluebird's wing
The wind was like a feather.

We passed a ruddy robin
Who called, "how do you do?"
And daisies shook their bonnets back
And begged, "Oh, take us too."

A squirrel briefly joined us,
A brook came hurrying down,
We wandered through a meadow gay
And by a village town.

When dusky twilight met us,
No feet so slow as mine,
"Why, there's a little house," I said,
"With windows all a-shine."

"Perhaps, since night is nearing
I'd rather rest than roam,
"I knew you would," said the little road,
"That's why I brought you home."

(Author is unknown)

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