Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Driver in the Family

This should have happened a long time ago, but with all that is going on around here Terry and I have a way of not giving this kind of thing the proper and immediate attention it deserves. 

However, with school starting Monday for Anthony, and the fact that he had some more time to practice drive with us so he was finally close enough to his 50 hours driving (enough that I could feel comfortable with) it was finally crunch time and we needed him to have his license more than anything else (or almost anything) on our calendar and crazy schedule.  

ANTHONY PASSED HIS WRITTEN AND DRIVING TEST first try for each and is now a legal driver and does not need a parent with him or someone else to chauffer him.  CELEBRATE!    He is our last new driver!

BrittanyJo feels like she lost her job and will miss the opportunity to take him where he needs to go.  REALLY!   She has been our designated driver for the last couple years, but will be heading out to Rexburg in September for a new adventure of her own. 

Chase is planning to attend school in Wenatchee this fall and will not be available and Terry and I just didn't want to add that to our list when there was a better option.   So we forced that activity into our schedule and got it done.

We learned a couple things as we made our attempts at getting this license -  the DOL no longer does the written or driving tests.  The Central Washington Driving School does those now,  then the DOL takes your photo and gives you your license.

Watch out Royal ..., Here he comes!

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