Monday, August 11, 2014

Dacogen Begins Again

This is the week for daily Dacogen Chemo Infusions, and the first day went well, but then we expected it to because this chemo doesn't seem to affect him as terribly as some of the others.  The infusion only takes about an hour (with of course 20 to 30 minutes each side of it to prep and disconnect) so that is always more pleasant than those 5 hour (or 10 hour) infusions.

Maybe you noticed in the last few emails about Terry's appointments that I don't really know what to say about these visits because we don't seem to have any new info.  I feel like when I post about them I'm not really sharing anything because you have all heard the same thing over and over again, and it's old news.  But when I don't report I feel this guilt that won't stop until I sit down to post about it. 

Maybe if I tell you in advance that we are going for chemo every day this week and things will be fine just as they usually are, then I'll not post daily about them anymore until after Friday's visit.  I promise that if there is something worthy of a quick post I will quickly post it, otherwise I will wait until Friday evening. 

So, until Friday ...
here is a little something I found on pinterest ...

"God didn't promise days without pain
laughter without sorrow
nor sun without rain
but he did promise strength for the day
comfort for the tears and
Light for the way."

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Louise said...

Enjoyed the thought. Hope the week is going well for both of you, thanks for sharing your journey.