Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I didn't post about Terry's transfusion last Thursday because it was just too busy of a day ..., and weekend for that matter.  Anthony took Terry to Thursday's appointments because I was home preparing for the family reunion.  There was no blood draw because we knew we just wanted him to have a boost for the festivities, so it was a scheduled transfusion of one bag of platelets and two units of red blood cells.   They got done in time to meet us at Chico's for dinner that night.

Today was a scheduled blood draw and doctor visit.  Nothing new showed up in the reports, in fact, it looked very much like last week's report.  The reds were high enough to not need any more today.
RBC = 3.02(L)
HCT = 26.6(L)
HGB = 9.1(L) 

The platelets were still low at 3(LL) so he did receive one bag of platelets. 

It's sad that we can't do anything about the white cells because they are always so low and seem to need some help. 
WBC = 0.02(LL)
ANC = 0.0(LL)

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Psalms 27:14

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