Sunday, November 16, 2014


I guess I should tell you that we are home from the hospital.  Terry had a few days without fevers and home health care was available and scheduled so that we could come home Saturday afternoon.

We saw this on our way home ..., just up the road from our house.  It's cold and that icicle proves it!

We had a great home health care specialist come help us and teach me about each of the three IV antibiotics that I have to give here at home.  They are all different than I have given before, but one does use a pump like we have used before.   It would have been really difficult to figure it all out on my own and he was a very kind person. 

As for Terry's first night at home ...  it was kinda crummy.  He didn't sleep well, had some pain and a fever this morning.  We knew we should not be out among others today so we stayed home trying to keep him warm and comfortable and away from illness as much as possible and gave him his IV meds on schedule. 

Next doctor appointment is Tuesday unless something unforeseen happens (and we are praying that it doesn't).

Now I'm going to step back a few days and share a couple photos from the hospital because I don't want to forget them.  The first is of Turner with his grandpa.

This next picture is of Elsie and Michael fixing the slide we gave her for her birthday.  And then one of her enjoying the slide...and she does!  ( I stole that photo from Tawnee's Instagram)

So, it's Thanksgiving time of year and I am almost feeling compelled to list a few of the things I am thankful for today. 
I am grateful that Terry was able to come home.  I am thankful for Terry!  I love being with him.  I am thankful for our home and the comforts within it.  
I am grateful that we had a good home health care specialist to help me learn my new responsibilities.  It's so much easier when you feel comfortable around a stranger in such a time as this.  I am grateful for doctors and medicines that help cure illness and help prolong life. 
I am thankful for life! 
I am thankful for every member of my family!  I love to see them smile!  I love happiness!  I am so grateful that we are an eternal family.  I am thankful for love
I am thankful for the Savior and for the peace and comfort that He sends our way in time of stress and frustration and pain and sorrow.   I am grateful for His servants, His Prophets and Apostles and for their inspiring messages, especially those given this last general conference.   I am grateful for every opportunity to be better than I am or have been, and for those things that inspire me to do so. 
I am thankful for the priesthood and the powerful blessings that we receive through worthy priesthood holders. 

Oh!  One more thing ...
We have Connor's release date ...
December 17th.  This makes our hearts rejoice!


Becky Noftle said...

Welcome home!

Bonnie said...

Hurray! So thankful you're home, for your blessings, and that Connor will soon be home too!

Ellen said...

Elaine, this pistol makes my heart sing and my eyes weep. What a marvelous sister you are and I love you so much...eternally as a matter of fact! Happy Birthday to Grandpa Keith as Connir is released on his birthday. I am thankful for all of you and that you will soon be together again. How blessed we are because if the knowledge we gave. Hello to all the family and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Ellen said...

I guess I didn't proof read too well. This post is how it should read

Ellen said...

To quote someone I love "OH BOTHER! I know how to spell Connor and I know we "have" knowledge. Whew....did I get them all fixed. It's hard to proof read through tears. Love you

Becky Noftle said...

Hoping your appointment today went well.