Saturday, November 8, 2014

News update from the hospital...

I suppose it's time for an update on Terry.

A few days ago the doctors started exchanging Terrys IV meds for oral meds in preparation for sending Terry home this weekend, but a couple days later he started getting worse (more fevers and worsened chest/lung pain), so he is still in the hospital.

They switched some meds back to IV and if things go well they might consider sending him home Tuesday. He is still getting fevers a couple times a day so we just don't know at this point what to plan on.

I spent the night (Friday night) since Anthony was with the band in Auburn so I'm writing this on the iPad with no knowledge of how to add an image, but I can write a quote, so here is one of my last pinterest saves.

F E A R has two meanings:
Forget Everything And Run
Face Everything And Rise
The choice is yours.

It's been a rough 11 days so far with ups and downs, but we are doing all we can with what we have control over.  I'm trying hard to face everything and rise because the other option is not pleasant.

We continue to pray for better health ...
We thank you for your prayers in our behalf.
And, we send our love your way.

Have a good weekend!


Bonnie said...

The FEAR quote is so good. I'm going to save it, too. Keeping Terry in our prayers here, and you, too, Elaine.

Ellen said...

I loved getting to visit with Terry for a few minutes on the phone the other day. I too love the quote and actually think that Chase posted it in Facebook. It is a good one. Continued prayers in your behalf today and always. Love, Ellen

Louise said...

Our prayers continue for you, Terry and his doctors. I certainly hope he can come home this week, theres no place like home!

Becky Noftle said...

Love the quote Elaine. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers.