Monday, November 3, 2014

Overdue Medical News

I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to post.  I have been slacking on posting, but not in caring, and I realize that it is time that I share part of what has been going on with Terry's health, and we are definitely going to post something more than the blood counts and transfusions that have become quite ordinary in our lives of late.  Those things still took place but I guess we needed to jump outside that box for a different ride, and oh what a ride we are on.

I tried to keep a daily log, but didn't really want to blog it from the beginning, but now that we are several days into it, it seems easier for me to share.  So, hang on for this ride with us if you choose to continue reading.  However, at the moment this is not the daily info that I previously logged, but a short version.  I might come back later to add the daily logged info, but I don't have time for that tonight.  Even the short version is long enough.

Friday night (Oct 24th) Terry had one of those terrible trembling shakes and chills which led to a fever of 102.8 (anything over 99.9 is not good so this was alarming).  We got this down with Tylenol, a cold damp washcloth rubbed around on his head, and cool drinks of water.

He had daily fevers (up to 103.8) all that weekend and we tried to reduce them as quickly as possible. There were other symptoms that kept us concerned, which included a sore on his outer calf of his right leg that kept getting worse (larger, redder, and more painful) and a pain in his upper left chest (similar to the pain one feels with pneumonia but higher).

We kept our Tuesday (Oct 28th) doctor appointment and went prepared to be admitted to the hospital.  Terry needed the 2 units of reds and 1 platelets, but also needed some IV antibiotics so we went to Central Wa Hospital for those needed transfusions and to stay a few days to determine and treat the
other problems.

This was the view from his window the last few days.  This is pretty on a sunny autumn day, but it's been raining or overcast most of the time.

There were several doctors questioning Terry and tests that took place the first day, but then things seemed to slow down, and we kept hearing what it could be or might be and probably was or wasn't. 

The fevers and pain in the chest continued in the hospital and soon it was both sides of his chest.  IV antibiotics continued and more were added and oral meds were added, as was PCA (pain medication at the push of a button as he needed).  Platelets and red blood cells were given almost daily.  They had him start wearing the oxygen hose Thursday because he was in enough pain that his breathing was very shallow.  His stamina was lacking, if he had any at all.

After a couple days, his leg sore (cellulitis) began to look better and better each day but the other problems remained.  It became apparent that he indeed had pneumonia and that he also had two spots in his lungs that looked like bacterial or fungal infection.  They treated for that and Terry is beginning to feel better now.

FYI - Our last two Halloween days have been spent in a medical facility.  This post includes photos from this years holiday/2014.  If you wish you can click HERE for the post from last year/2013.

Elsie is trick-or-treating but nervous that her grandpa is in a patient costume this year.

Michael, Elsie, Tawnee

Anthony, Auger, Akleigh, Thomas & Boston, Dana,  and Terry.

And here is another photo from the trunk-or-treat Chase participated in with the Car Club at Walmart parking lot in Wenatchee this year.  Fun stuff!  I guess I should have posted this earlier so I could wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  Hope you had a fun one!

Dana & Boston, Thomas & Akleigh, Anthony, Auger, Chase
Okay, back to the medical news...
Terry looked really good today (Nov 3rd).  The leg has improved a lot, but still has some redness that they think is just petechia (pe tee kee i).  The pain in the leg is gone.

Terry had no fever last night :) and we hope it remains that way.  He has not used the PCA med for two days so it was disconnected, his chest pain is lessoning, and they removed the oxygen today.  

The nurse walked in and saw Terry clipping his nails this morning and got so concerned, almost begging him to stop, but told him to be super careful because his platelets were only 10.  ;)  We assured her that he would be careful, but the very fact that his platelets were 10 was a good reason to clip his nails today.  (He hasn't seen 10 for a long time, but we know that is because he has been given platelets daily for awhile.)  It became a fun moment that we smile about now. 

He had a pretty good day today but we don't know when he comes home.  We know they need to continue treating things so that they clear up completely and don't get worse, and we are taking it one day at a time. 

Our laptop crashed awhile ago so I only have the ipad at the hospital and it's too hard to post from that, so I cannot promise when I'll post again since my time at home is so limited.  We hope he will be home in a few days, but it's best that we make no promises, even though we wish we could.

I'll close with a quote Connor shared in his letter today.

"The words of the Lord are found in the scriptures and the teachings of the apostles and prophets. They provide us counsel and direction that, when followed, will act like a spiritual life jacket and will help us know how to hold on with both hands."

This quote is from M. Russell Ballard, "Stay in the Boat and Hold On!",  General Conference October 2014




Becky Noftle said...

Elaine, thank you for the update. Your family is always in our prayers and we would love to help if there is anything we could do to lighten your load.

Becky Noftle said...

Elaine, thank you for the update. Your family is always in our prayers and we would love to help if there is anything we could do to lighten your load.

Louise said...

So sorry for the roller coaster ride you have been on the past week but grateful Terry is doing better. We continue our prayers for you and Terry and hope he will feel strong enough to return home soon.

Ellen said...

I to express my thanks and gratitude fot your blog update. We continue to fast and pray for Terry and all associated with his care in any way. Wish I could be there with you for a bit and hope I can make a visit soon. I love you both, Ellen

Tyler said...

Thank you Elaine. We send our love and prayers to all. Took you with us to the temple last night and hope you feel the strength of that sacred house.