Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Terry had two doctor visits and a CT scan and blood products Tuesday, November 18th.

Dr. Barber (infectious disease) was our first appointment as a follow up after the hospital stay.  Terry seems to be feeling better in many ways concerning the issues he had in the hospital but he has developed a new problem with his left leg just above the knee that is making it almost impossible for him to get around.  This, of course, was concerning and is the reason for the scan. (No results from that yet.)

Dr. Barber thought it would be great to send Terry back to the hospital to help take care of the infections attacking his body, but Terry told him he would rather not if it wasn't absolutely necessary, suggesting that he gets better care at home.  It is true that he doesn't have to wait for 20 minutes to get a nurse to help him get more blankets or to the bathroom as needed during the night.  Don't get us wrong here, we are very grateful for their good care, but it does lack something that one can only get at home..., and Terry wants to be home.

This is probably a good time to share that we have to be even more careful with visitors and we must make sure that anyone that enters the house is well and has no symptoms of cold, flu, or other illness or infections.  

Dr. Smith (oncologist) was our next visit and she understands his desire to be home.  We have had this discussion with her a few times.  She seems to understand and agree that home is going to be the best place right now, so until we hear different, that is the way it will be. 

This was the first time Terry entered oncology/infusion room in a wheel chair and it was a tender thing for many of the nurses to see. We appreciate the love and kindness shown during our care there, and the friendships that have been made.  They are good people and we love good people everywhere.

We went to get the CT scan and then to the hospital room for 2 bags of platelets and 1 bag of red blood cells.  The first bag began to flow at 4:30pm so we knew we were in for a long evening. Overall things went pretty smoothly with the transfusions but Terry was feeling poorly due to the dye given him during the scan.  We both probably welcomed the affects of the Benadryl as it helped him get some better sleep for a couple hours.

We got home late, but it was good to be home and we are hopeful for some better days ahead.   We hope to hear what they decide is the problem with his leg and get something that can help it.  

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"The words of the prophets in the scriptures ... are the words of comfort, love, strength and good cheer that will embrace us all."   -  Carol Louise McConkie


Tyler said...

Thank you Elaine for the information and for being the best nurse there is for Terry. I appreciated talking with him today and pray for him to be as comfortable as possible and tender mercies for all.

Louise said...

What a blessing to have Drs. and nurses understand Terry's need and desire to be home and to support him in this decision. Praying they can help him with his leg. Stay warm!!

Becky Noftle said...

Ditto both the comments, hope he can stay well and comfortable at home..

Ellen said...

So good to talk to both of you yesterday. Looking forward to Sunday and having a visit with you. As always, prayers and love coming your way.