Tuesday, February 21, 2012


President's Day weekend - filled it as full as we could.
A highlight - after meetings Sunday we drove to Longview for a visit with my parents (and other family members that came to visit too - it was fun to see you - we look forward to next time). It was a short visit, but it was still a good one.

We mentioned to a friend (Russ) that we were going to Longview and he asked if we'd seen the largest cinnamon roll that comes from there. We decided that we'd better check it out, because we hadn't even heard about it before.

We asked my parents about it, and decided to go there for breakfast on President's Day. The name of the place is Stuffy's - well, Stuffy's II. (click on the link to see more.)

It's a cute place filled with all sorts of memorabilia. There are pictures and posters and signs and license plates, and more and more stuff all around the walls. It's stuff about Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and other famous people. The tables each have a salt and pepper shaker, soda bottle filled with colored sugar, packets of sugar, and maybe other stuff sitting on top of a record ... yes, a real music record (an LP?).

The waitresses wear poodle style skirts and saddle shoes/oxfords to match. It was really cute.

They have Breakfast Stuff, Lunch Stuff, and Dinner Stuff.

The Breakfast Stuff I had was called Tiny Stuff. It's hashbrowns with onions, peppers, and chunks of ham, tomato, covered in white sauce gravy and sprinkled with cheddar cheese.

They also had Little Stuff and Large Stuff. Tiny Stuff - not so tiny - can be split between two people for sure. You are certainly stuffed when you are done - and I don't mean done eating it all - just done eating what you can. There are many other things on their menu too.

As for the cinnamon roll? We bought one and shared it - happy to have done so! But we were so stuffed, we got it to go.
It's big ... it's good ... it's fun ... and yet, it's not as good as my mom makes. (I know, I'm spoiled! I not only grew up in a home with a wonderful mother, I grew up in a home with a wonderful cook.)

We visited some more and had to head home. Short and Sweet was our visit! We love Family Time!

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Kings said...

I love stuffys! I always have to go there when we visit grandma and grandpa. And i do agree, grandma is an amazing cook!!!