Friday, May 1, 2009


I was just doing laundry and thinking about some things. I don't know what brought me to this thought of long ago, but I thought of a comment one of our children once said. "Now we are just like the Jones'!" (Name was changed of course.) I won't expound on the circumstances or the conditions of the moment that brought out that comment, but I will expound on my thoughts of this moment reflecting back upon that moment. (Wow, I think I said that right?!?!?!)
I ask that you keep a smile on your face as you continue, as I am afraid that it might sound more discouraging if you do not. I was rather encouraged as I was thinking, though I'm not sure if it comes across that way in writing.

For some, maybe even most, there is a desire to have what we don't have, and there is always someone else who seems to have it all. It is those who seem to have it all that we look at and think thoughts like "I wish I had one of those", "I want to be like that", "Why can't I go there or do that", or "They are so lucky", etc. It's a terrible game of keeping up with the Jones'.

Surely this happens some times in life a bit more than other times. I have felt those feelings and I worry that I am creating enough of the right and good teachings and experiences for my children without making them feel like they should have or do it all. It often seems that the grass is greener on the other side. The problem is, no matter what side we are on there is always another side. There is no satisfaction in that.

Unfortunately, when I see a fault of mine or my family, I might think that I wish I or my child was just like someone else who seems to be perfect in that way. But then, there are other times when I see another and think that I'm so glad that I'm not like that or that my child is not like that. Why would we all want to be like the Jones' anyway? Just think, if I were just like the Jones' or if the Jones' were just like me, what a boring world this would be. Remember, I do have..., well, maybe not me, but others out there have qualities that the Jones' don't have, and they are admirable qualities that are beneficial to the family and others around them. The Jones' have it, but we have it too. And, we all have faults, including the Jones'.

So what of the comment my child once made? I have only one more thing to say on that at the moment - I am not trying to keep up with the Jones'. I'd never get to my destination if I did. Honestly, do they really have it all anyway? I love our Heavenly Father who's plan of happiness this life is. I love Jesus Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ. When I remember that, and as I try to live His gospel, I feel a calming peace and I feel like I am the one who has it all. So, let the Jones' be the Jones' - they can have and do as they wish. I am free to be me, and what a wonderful freedom that is.

Now back to my pile of laundry, ironing, and mending, and then fixing lunch, and... Oh bother, I'll bet the Jones' have a maid! ;)

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