Friday, May 22, 2009

Last weeks news -

I'm about a week late with this post, and I keep feeling guilty that I haven't posted it, so here it is -

Terry had a CT scan Wednesday in Wenatchee. We didn't learn any news that day though. LeeAnn was there looking at homes for sale because they plan to move there soon. Brian is already there working. We were able to have lunch with LeeAnn, Christopher and Dustin. We enjoyed our visit. I had spent some time a day or two looking on line for homes trying to help her. She had already spent much more time doing that and was now spending time driving around to view them all. They did a lot of looking and have a few homes on a possible list, but nothing for sure yet. But we look forward to the time they are living there and we can visit more often.

They came over Sunday afternoon and we had a great visit - almost like old times, except with fewer children. Thaoe came to visit too. Mom and dad were also here. They spent a few days with us and with LeeAnn looking for homes. We enjoy the visits we have with them. It seems we keep them coming our way with all of the special activities and advancements our family is making. We are so lucky!

A special activity of the week was our Friday visit to the temple where Michael attended for his own endowment. We shared it with a good friend, Jacob Christensen and his family. It was a very special day. We enjoyed dinner together afterward, at a Chinese restaurant. Good food and good company.

We had a visit with doctor on Monday to discuss the results of the CT scan. We learned that all is well for now. His next appointment is in two months to make sure things are remaining well.

Michael has planted our garden! We are going to have some veggies this year. I did plant some flowers out front in our pots. Life is more beautiful with flowers!

Spring cleaning has begun. I have completed the cleaning of the library. I moved the shelves, got rid of a few things, and even washed the windows. It will be a few days before I begin another room, cause there are other things calling for my attention.

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Jason and Kristi Ann said...

That is great news about Uncle Terry! I'm glad things are going well for now. We hope and pray they continue to do so!