Friday, December 19, 2014

Blessed Parting Poem

I felt like I should share this poem that Terry wrote for his dad in 2011.  It fits for Terry as much as it fit for his father and I have thought of it often. This poem is on this blog already (here), but I have added it again for easy access. 

Beloved Patriarch

Blessed Parting

An expeditious passing
Can be a fortuitous thing,
It diminishes the pain and anguish
That protracted illnesses bring.

The finality of the death though
Certainly hits the heart.
But what concludes in one place
In another gets it’s start.

That’s what happened to grandpa
Or dad or however you call his name.
That’s what will happen to each of us
The process is the same.

So the theater of life goes on and on.
The players come and go.
From God back to God,
The Savior made it so.

(poem by Terry Hebdon, July 2011)


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Becky Noftle said...

I remember that poem, and your right it fits Terry just as well.