Friday, December 2, 2016

Christ's Parents

Studying the New Testament has given me a depth of understanding that I have not had before.  This is not the first time reading it, but it is the first with such need to learn from it.  My retention is not good at all, and trying to put what I learn into words, verbally, is even harder, but the feeling I get as I am studying is well worth all I forget, and if I continue studying the forgetting part won't really matter.

Christ is truly our Savior, the author of peace and of all that is good.
Following Him, Coming unto Him will make our earthly path more joyful, more meaningful, more blessed..., more everything.

More worth it.

My heart goes out to Mary and Joseph today.  I cannot seem to find the words to describe the feeling I have for them.  They raised the Christ child - the Savior of us all, and I am eternally grateful for their sacrifice and love.  They were strong and faithful, steadfast and immovable.

Mary's Song by Amy Grant or Breath of Heaven

I am so grateful for my loving parents, and for the siblings they selflessly raised and serve, for their dedication to the Savior and their dedication to teaching their children about Him.  It was their testimony that sparked mine, and it is my testimony that keeps me focused on the Savior and His gospel, which is what will lead us safely HOME ... home to our Father above, with our eternal families.  What a great gift that is.

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