Monday, December 5, 2016

:) Veggie Tales (:

This one is especially for my grandchildren.  :)

Owl City is tender to some of us because of their song Hello Seattle.  Almost a theme song for a while - not really, but it was fun to hear the grandkids occasionally sing a few phrases with excitement.  Happy memories!

My children will probably enjoy it too.

Veggie Tales was a favorite in out family for a few years - one of our boys even gave one of his brothers the nick name Cheeseburger.  Go figure!

It's all good!  I love things like this that bring a smile to my face.  I know I need that more often.  :)  Maybe you'll smile too.

VeggieTales "Light of Christmas" Official Lyric Video - Owl City feat.

Was that fun?

:)  This might make a fun addition to your Family Home Evening (:

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