Monday, December 26, 2016

Do You Have Room?

This song seems to be the retelling of the Christmas story and what it means to each of us.  If each of us would answer the questions in this song it might open our eyes to what we might do better.

Do You Have Room? (New Christmas Song by Shawna Edwards)

This reminds me that    WISE MEN STILL SEEK HIM!

I wish to be wise! That would be my first wish if I had three wishes.   I can think of several I'd like to wish for, but I don't know if they would be best, so if I had that wish granted first my next two wishes would be the right two wishes.

Sounds so exciting right!  Well..., reality check - no three wishes available.

Oh Bother!

I can still be wise and SEEK HIM!

(from here, found in google search)


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