Thursday, December 29, 2016

Give This Christmas Away

I have been a fan of Amy Grant Christmas music for many years.

This year I heard for the first time, a beautiful song she performed with Matthew West.

A beautiful sound ... A beautiful message ... A beautiful feeling ... 

Give This Christmas Away - Matthew West with Amy Grant

It was fun to learn it was a Veggie Tales Official - :)

Today I choose to share a few of Amy Grant songs -
I have already shared Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant
but here are a few more.

Amy Grant - Emmanuel God With us

I Will Lead You Home - Amy Grant

Highland Cathedral on Amy Grant A Christmas to Remember (this brings memories of traveling to and from church with the kids, playing this song over and over again, sometimes as loudly as we could handle it...more smiles!  I'm sure we had air instrument players in every seat belt.)

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